Before moving from the ‘burbs of Manassas, Virginia to a 10-acre piece of old farmland in Nokesville in 2017, Elissa (my wife) and I had essentially zero experience with farming. But we were curious. In March of 2018, we got some young chickens from Elissa’s aunt and uncle. Then some months later, we got some ducks. Then more chickens. And then in winter of 2018, we started trying to grow microgreens and bird fodder (as a feed supplement). In May of 2019 we got a couple bee hives and started a small garden. And then in June of 2019 we started selling what we could at the Manassas Farmer’s Market.

At this point, we’re still very much in learning mode with farming, but it’s been a slow and steady progression. As I write this, our semi-near-term goal is for our farming operation to be a hobby which can at least pay for itself. Longer-term… we’ll see how it goes. We enjoy what we’ve been doing, but we also want to pace ourselves and avoid burnout, over-committing, etc. We have two boys (ages 10 and 8) who still need raising, and I work full-time off the farm, so there are priorities to juggle. But all in all, it’s been fun so far and we’re optimistic as we look forward.

Please check out our products page to view our current offerings and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or otherwise. As I mentioned, our primary sales outlet is the Manassas Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings (almost year-round), so feel free to swing by our table and say hi.

Derek Pennington