Let Us Lettuce!

New video posted to YouTube this morning! And quick update on tomatoes: We’re hoping to bring our first pints of cherry tomatoes to market July 2 or July 9 at the latest. Plenty of larger slicers on the way, but they’re still green…. might be later in July. We’ll keep you posted!

Hope to see you at the Manassas farmer’s market tomorrow! If we don’t see you, you can also find our duck eggs and bagged lettuce mix at Buckland Farm Market. Have a great weekend!

unbeatable weather this weekend!

Elissa at the June 11 market.

We’ve had a few rainy markets this season, but this Saturday 6/18 is looking top notch. Come out and see us at the Manassas Farmer’s Market! We’ll have everything you see in the above photo…. lettuce mix bags (in the fridge), eggs, tomato plant starters, potted herbs, and our wide variety of live microgreens. And you can find our duck eggs and lettuce mix bags at Buckland Farm Market, as well. Enjoy the weekend!