Still cranking on microgreens. We’ve been focusing on four different varieties:

  1. black oil sunflower
  2. buckwheat
  3. arugula
  4. peas

…and playing with different quantities of seed, soak time, varying air flow, etc.

In the photo we have two batches of peas. Same start date/time, same soak duration (12 hours), same seeding density (60 g per 8″x8″ pie tin), same lighting, both bottom watered, both harvested at the same time (after 8 days of growth)… only difference was that the tray on the left had peat moss and vermiculite as the soil medium and tray on the right used organic potting soil. We got 118 grams of sellable product from the right tray and only 61 grams from the left tray. It seems the organic potting soil is the clear winner here.

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