Latest Market News

The table seems to get more and more crowded with each passing week.

Microgreens have proven to be our bread ‘n butter at the farmer’s market this season. And it’s mainly because the grow time is so short (1-2 weeks). We bring X amount on a given week, see what sells and what doesn’t, and alter our grow plan for the market two weeks later. Pea 5″x5″ trays, for example, have been consistently selling out for us. One week we brought 4 trays and they sold out… two weeks later, we brought 6 trays, they sold out… two weeks after that, we brought 8 trays, etc. I believe we have 10 trays of peas in the pipeline for the 9/21 market. Conversely, buckwheat wasn’t as well received, so we scaled that back and eventually stopped growing it. All in all, the microgreens portion of the farm business has scaled up quite a bit since we started selling at the farmer’s market in late June.

Meanwhile, eggs and garden herbs have been selling, but we haven’t been able to increase what we bring each week because it takes so long to grow a given garden item to full maturity or raise a baby chick to laying age. (Our new adult leghorns have started laying, by the way, and we’ve started bringing chicken eggs back to the market. Ducks are still molting… we’re hoping they start laying any day now.) But we do have some fall veggies underway in the garden (as well as peanuts) and hope to have something to bring in the coming weeks.

As a heads up, we will likely be moving our tent this coming Saturday (9/14) back to our original assigned spot. We just ended a 3-week stint down next to Marlan with Portwood Gardens, and will be moving back up between Little Hawker Cafe (Malaysian street food) and the Mangonada slushie folks on 9/14.

Thanks to all who have come by our table! Hope to see you Saturday!

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