delivery and/or front porch pickup

We’ve been hearing all kinds of reports about stores being stripped clean, etc. Meanwhile, we have these birds that keep on laying eggs and we have no farmer’s market where we can offload them. (And we also have a batch of microgreens that we were growing for the 3/21 market, which has been cancelled.)

Anyway, if you’d like eggs or microgreens, we wanted to offer a couple options. For an order of, say, $10 or more, we could deliver to your door. Alternatively, if you’d be willing to make the drive to our home in Nokesville, we could leave your order out on the front porch for you to pickup (no minimum $ for that). If either option sounds interesting, please contact us and we can work out the arrangements. For the front porch pickup option, we have a mini-fridge on the porch for eggs, and could just leave microgreens out in a bag. Cash payments could be left in the fridge. Please see our products page for details on what we have, prices, and so forth.

Anyway, so a couple ideas we wanted to throw on the table. Hope everyone is hanging in there and staying healthy! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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