We’re on the shelf at Buckland Farm Market!

We now have duck eggs and bagged lettuce mix for sale at Buckland Farm Market.

If you find yourself heading down Route 29 toward Warrenton, you might swing by Buckland Farm Market for a few minutes. Many locally-sourced grocery items (produce, meat, eggs, dairy), an ice cream parlor, playground out back for the kids, and I’m told they plan on putting in a brewery at some point. Earlier this morning, Elissa and I delivered them some cartons of duck eggs and bags of our lettuce mix, which they then put up for sale in the refrigerated section of the store. We chatted with owner Chris Gilbert for a while and are hopeful that this new venture is a win win for everyone!

Back at the farm, our tomatoes are coming along nicely. We’re still hoping for first harvest in June, but we’ll keep you posted. Plenty of lettuce this time of year, and still good supplies of duck eggs and chicken eggs. Microgreens and potted herbs, as always. Hope to see you at the Manassas farmer’s market Saturday, or head over to Buckland Farm Market to find some of our products there!

Buckland Farm Market address:
4484 Lee Highway
Warrenton, VA 20187

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