Basil in December

Basil pots making their market debut tomorrow.

Things are still moving along as we start to get into the colder months. The market schedule (which weeks on, which weeks off) and our attendance plans are all as they’ve been, no changes planned. I’ll post the schedule here again:

Officially, the “winter market” begins December 19. Last year, the winter market hours were from 9am – 1pm (rather than 8am – 1pm as in the main season). We need to confirm with the market managers whether this will still be the case. We’ve heard murmurs about trying to move the winter market from its parking lot location to some other location (potentially indoors)… between you, us, and the fence post, we’d prefer to just stay where we are. Anything indoors, especially, would seem perhaps risky given the pandemic. Anyway, rumors aside, the plan of record as we know it is to stay in the parking lot. As usual, we’ll send an update if the outlook changes in any way.

Weather for tomorrow says partly cloudy, high of 49. So hopefully not too bad. The microgreens are looking good this week. There’s a period between summer and winter (I suppose you’d call that “fall”!) when the thermostat doesn’t know which way to go… and the humidity in the house rises a bit… and microgreen “performance” starts to struggle. We seem to be past that period now and they’re all looking pretty solid. We have a number of egg pre-orders in the queue for tomorrow, but we may still have some unclaimed duck eggs on the table, at least at the start. And we’ll be bringing peanuts… this will potentially be the last date for those, depending on sales. Should have plenty of salad mix and lettuce bags.

And, last but not least, we plan to debut our adult-ish basil pots tomorrow (pictured). These were started October / November. All grown indoors. If you scroll back a few blog posts ago, you can see some of our grow trials with basil over the summer. We were experimenting with the different parameters (water, fertilizer, pH, etc), and so these current plants were grown using the methods that we honed down from those summer experiments. We’re hoping to continue bringing these every week, and eventually expanding to include other herbs as we get further into next season.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well and we look forward to seeing you at the market anytime!

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