back at it tomorrow

Without the tent, our company sign is a bit awkward to put up. We plan to get a table runner -style sign soon, but for now, just look for the green tablecloths!

Buh bye, 2020! We resume weekly farmer’s market attendance tomorrow, January 9. Again, this winter season farmer’s market location is up at the Harris Pavilion in downtown Manassas. So this will be every Saturday from 9am – 1pm. Weather can be a factor this season, and we’ll send out notices for any adjustments as soon as we get them.

Aside from true summer crops like tomatoes and peanuts, we have pretty much everything else available from our repertoire. We grow our salad / lettuce mixes under two layers of protection in the garden, so we’re still getting some decent output from that crop. Always microgreens aplenty and the birds keep on doing their thing with eggs. The chickens have slowed slightly… maybe going through a molting period. But, as always, if you’d like eggs and we happen to be sold out, you’re welcome to ask and we can put you on the list for next time, etc.

Hope everyone had a nice holiday season. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow and/or in the weeks ahead!

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